Gothambu Vada




Gothambu vada is very tasty, it has the nourishing taste of gothambu (wheat).  The ingredient requirement is very minimum.

Wheat Flour – 2 Cups

Gud (brown sugar) – ½ cup or as needed

Pieces of Coconut – 10 pieces for taste

Salt – 1 pinch for taste

Cooking Oil – 200 ml (for dip)

Water -1 cup


How to Prepare

Mix the Flour with water to form a loose thick batter.  There should not be any bubbles in the batter. Add Gud, pieces of coconut and pinch of Salt.  Mix again and hope you got a heavy batter with all the ingredients.

Heat Cooking Oil in a small vessel when started boiling add one tbps each of the prepared Mix in the oil to deep fry to get a golden brown colour, then remove in oil fence mesh and place it in a plate and use with tea.


Health Benefit

The ingredients used are very much helpful and best for the body.



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