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Chole Bhature | Indian Recipe

  Chole Bhature   Chole Bhature is a very tasty dish, the togetherness of Chole (big white grams) with Maida or Atta makes this dish almost delicious and brisk Almost all the people in the country prepare this delicious item for breakfast or evening snacks.   plenty of restaurants regularly making Chole Bhature as their premier food item.     Chole Bhature is most famous in the Northern, North West, North East and Central and Western parts of the country.   This is mainly known as Punjabi dish.   The Maida(Refined flour) is mixed with water, pinch of baking powder and salt and keep aside for fermentation.     White grams are used for preparing chole masala curry. INGREDIENTS   CHOLE MASALA BHATURE •       White grams (kabuli chana) soaked overnight and drained 1 cup •       Tea bags 2 •       Salt to taste •       Ghee 2 tablespoons •       Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon •       Green chillies slit 2 •      

nool puttu recipe| with rice flour | keral's traditional home made recipes.

Image nool puttu recipe| with rice flour | keralas traditional home made recipes.   Ingredients nool puttu is very interesting, tasty and nourishing breakfast made of rice powder(heated in kadai).   The taste of rice in the powder form will help digestion easy.   The ingredient requirement is very minimum. Rice Flour – 2 Cups Coconut grated – 01 cup Salt – ½ tbsp for taste Idli Steamer & Presser with narrow holes Water as needed say 1/2 cup                                                                                          How to Prepare Mix the Flour with water to form a thick lot and add salt as needed.   There should not be any bubbles in the batter. Add lot to the vessel (presser) use narrow net at the bottom and move the vessel in circles on the idli plate.   Before doing this idli plate should be greased with oil for non-sticky.   Prepare Four at a time at place the prepared nool puttu inside the Idli Steam Vessel. B

Gothambu Vada

Image GOTHAMBU VADA   Ingredients Gothambu vada is very tasty, it has the nourishing taste of gothambu (wheat).   The ingredient requirement is very minimum. Wheat Flour – 2 Cups Gud (brown sugar) – ½ cup or as needed Pieces of Coconut – 10 pieces for taste Salt – 1 pinch for taste Cooking Oil – 200 ml (for dip) Water -1 cup   How to Prepare Mix the Flour with water to form a loose thick batter.   There should not be any bubbles in the batter. Add Gud, pieces of coconut and pinch of Salt.   Mix again and hope you got a heavy batter with all the ingredients. Heat Cooking Oil in a small vessel when started boiling add one tbps each of the prepared Mix in the oil to deep fry to get a golden brown colour, then remove in oil fence mesh and place it in a plate and use with tea.   Health Benefit The ingredients used are very much helpful and best for the body.