idli recipe



Idli is a traditional breakfast of Kerala




Ingredients for Idli
Urad Daal - 01 Cup
Kacha Rice - 02 Cups
Salt - 01 Tbsp
Water - 01 & 1/2 cup for wet grinding
Water - 02 cups for soaking of rice and udad dal.>
How to Cook
For preparing soft idli proper fermentation of the batter is required. Therefore, the udad daal and rice should be separately taken in two steel vessels and add 1 1/2 cup water or as required in each vessel and soak Udal Daal and Rice separately, water level required is just above the grain level. if you are preparing the idli today then you have to soak the rice and udad dal previous day morning i.e. 06 hours before wet grinding is to be done. Clean the soaked rice and udad dal properly before grinding. Wet grind the rice first and then add udad dal also to the mixer grinder use 1/2 cup water first, if required more water for a smooth batter. Add salt in required quantity. Idli batter will ferment till the morning and the idli will be prepared in the morning. Brush some oil to the idli plates before pouring the batter, so that the removal of idli will be easy. Add the batter to the idli plates and place it inside the alluminium vessel, idli preparation time is only 7 minutes, 01 cup water needs to be added inside the vessel and pre heated. Your soft idli is now ready to use remove it from the plates with a table spoon back side
Health Benefits
The combination of rice and urad dal make this dish a healthy diet
Chutney : Coconut grated - 01 cup
Chilly powder - 01 tbsp
tamarind - 01 piece.
Add 1 tbsp oil to a Kadai. Coconut and chilly powder to be mixed and added to a kadai for heating. Steer it for some time for proper heating till its colour becomes golden brown. In a mixer grinder wet grind the coconut heated add 01 piece of tamarid also 1/4 tbsp salt and grind well with water say 1/4 cup or as required. If you require tadka for the chutney give it rai and oil. The taste of chutney is great if the tadka is given properly. Coconut is a very good diatary having calorie in great amount and gives flexibility to entire body


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