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Is every fruit is good for health

  ORGANGE Orange (scientific name is Citrus X Sinensis)  is known as the king of fruits.  Orange is very vital to health of a human being. Taking Orange every day will help you in recovering from digestive problems.  In Orange there is abundant nutritious elements. Outer layer of Orange is very help full in solving skin problems.  Drying up the outer layer in Sunlight and make its powder and mix it with water to make paste, so that it will become a face mask for skin problems.  It gives immense quality and color to your skin.  It contains vitamin c and anti oxidants, therefore anti oxidants make your skin glow.   Even though every thing has a good and bad side therefore, before applying anything on your face a Doctor discretion or own discretion is better, so that there will not be any negative outcome for this.  As natural elements are always helpful in bringing naturality to your skin it is better to include Orange in your every day fruits.  If you do not use it every day try to use